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Digimon List
Digimon List

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This is the app with the biggest digimon list at the moment. Actually, it's a list with more than 150 different digimons and you will be able to consult lots of data about them, like their maturity level (rookie, champion, etc), their attribute (vaccine/data/virus/none) or more general info about the own digimon, with an image that will help you to indentify it in case you didn't know it's name. This list has Digimons from the first anime season (digimon adventure) to the fifth (digimon data squad), both included, with all their main characters in all their maturity levels.
Don't lose the chance of downloading the best digimon list and start getting more knowledge about this great franchise called Digimon!


-Images resized, they are now adjusted to the digimon size


I do not own any right concerning the Digimon franchise or any related topics. I am just offering this app as a source of information for already experienced people in the digital world so they can know even more of it's enviroment. Besides, I should advice seeing the series first if you really wanna enjoy this app.


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  • digimon.list
  • 1.1
  • Android 2.2 atau versi di atasnya
  • Casual-puzzle
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