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Fleet Command-Legion War

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Fleet Command is a naval-themed strategy mobile game with real life based pictures and military ranks, providing players an immersing experience of naval wars. Find your power through managing your base, building ships, recruiting officers and upgrading technologies! Set off to explore the vast sea and mine resources in the World map after you are strong enough! Establish your legion and lead your members to glory battles! With the right tactics and fleet formation, you can beat stronger players or legions.

The game is very easy to start with, even players unfamiliar with SLG games will learn what to do soon enough. Functions will be unlocked one by one with your upgrading commander level, together with specific guidance to show you the exact way of playing the function, enabling you to gradually fit in the whole system. Enjoy the fighting and conquer by simply tapping the screen!

Abundant ships of different types, all based on real life structures and outlooks of vessels for you to collect and command, providing you with battle scenes super close to real life ones, including missile trajectory and explosion effect.

Massive combination of different ships and officers to form plenty of formations for all kinds of situations. You can always use your brilliant mind to find a strategy to beat your enemy, even when they are stronger than you through well designed tactics and formation positioning!

Building new structures and ships in your base for more resource outputs, technologies and ships. If you are strong enough you may also assault other players and loot their resource!

A vast World Map dotted with multiple kinds of resource mines available for occupying and mining, adding you extra materials for developing. But beware of other players who might be watching and waiting the opportune moment!

Great login rewards and free draws of lottery and events, you can establish your invincible fleet quick enough!

【Opportunity favors the ready minds】
The prepared always beats the unprepared! Commander you need to get your ships ready at all times in order to seize the opportunity when it comes!

【Nip in the bud】
It is already late when you see hostile fleets towards you! Strike the enemy first before they do it to us! Fighting for resource spots to mine more resource for development! Recruit better officers for your fleets, and enhance their equipments to make them stronger in combats!

【Command your fleet to dominate the sea】
Deploy your ships wisely to maximize your spoils and minimize your loss. In this way you can weaken your enemies every time you fight, and seek to dominate the sea in the future! Remember the restrains among ships and put them in the right slots to even defeat the strong!
(English): https://www.facebook.com/Fleet-Command-Community-1031621846888283/
E-Mail: fc@movga.com
Forum: forum.movga.com

Info APK Fleet Command-Legion War

  • com.movga.fleetcommand.gp
  • 1.5
  • Android 2.2 atau versi di atasnya
  • Strategy
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