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Gate Defenders Free
Gate Defenders Free
Gate Defenders Free
Gate Defenders Free
Gate Defenders Free

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Gate Defenders is a tower defense + rpg mix, with a humorous and captivating story, carried by epic battles, simple gameplay and beautiful music. Gate Defenders is a must buy for old school gamers.
In a kingdom that has lived its glory days, today's poverty and lack of resources dominate the lives of its inhabitants. Governed by a greedy and goofy but very happy king, the kingdom survives today only by the dedication of those who once swore allegiance in the past and try to do everything so that the kingdom persists. Will our friends be able to get out of poverty? Help the friendly king and his loyal soldiers on that journey in search of wealth and maybe something more.

Gate Defenders brings you the ultimate
Tower Defense + RPG experience!

Retro Classic 16bit artwork,
Fun and Compelling Story,
Fully adaptable screen size,
26 unique maps,
multi-path waves,
height affected range,
enemies that won’t just follow roads,
3 game modes,
hidden mini games,
original soundtrack
and much more!

Buy the full version to get full content and no-ads!


Info APK Gate Defenders Free

  • com.kayumo.gd.screensFree
  • 1.0.3
  • Android 2.1 atau versi di atasnya
  • Strategy
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