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Pokémon Online
Pokémon Online
Pokémon Online
Pokémon Online
Pokémon Online

Gambaran mengenai Pokémon Online

Battle with your Pokémon on the internet!

Note: This is not a RPG, you can make your own teams as you want from the start. This is more a tool for competitive battling, but there are also some fun modes for casual battlers =).

If you're new, don't have the computer program and want to play Pokémon anyway, just go on the first server on the list, then after you logged in in the menu select "Find Battle" and if all goes well you'll have a team of 6 random Pokémon, facing an opponent with a team of also 6 random Pokémon.

Supports loading teams, editing teams, connecting to any server, battling, watching battles, private messages, chat, channels.

Visit , our website, to learn more about the application and meet other people from the community!


Info APK Pokémon Online

  • com.podevs.android.pokemononline
  • 2.4.3
  • Android 2.2 atau versi di atasnya
  • Casual-puzzle
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