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    Reign Of Warlords - RTS


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Reign Of Warlords - RTS
Reign Of Warlords - RTS
Reign Of Warlords - RTS
Reign Of Warlords - RTS

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Reign of Warlords - RTS is the greatest authentic mobile game (SLG) where you have to collect 300 famous marshals of Three Kingdom to conquer the world.

Reign of Warlords RTS game is developed by NetEase and exclusively published by VNG Singapore in South East Asia

Play Reign of Warlords, military strategy game online, as the commander to raise your own army, find your soul-mates to form the best alliance and then battle against other states to unite the world
Explore fantasy Three Kingdom war , lead the greatest Generals to victory!

Features of online mobile strategy game Reign of Warlord RTS ( combat strategy game)
❖ Valiant General: over 300 famous heroes of Three Kingdoms with different tactics create diversified general system including Cavalry, Footman, Archer. Valiant generals of Calvary, Footman, Archer are promote and constrain mutually.
❖ Tactic: over 150 tactics, valiant general’s characteristic and battle feature will bring top strategies to you.
❖ Strength: Occupy territory, attack citadel and receive resources to develop strength. Resources are limited, weakening enemy is improving strength. Who will dare to be pioneer and expand borders?
❖ Guild: is responsible in castle siege and makes resources increase. When guild occupy regional capitals of 13 provinces, Three Kingdoms will be united and get the highest achievement.
❖ Citadels: Build main citadel, sub-citadel and barrack let the army cover Three Kingdoms. Construction system is abundant, strengthen defense and army.
❖ Internal Affairs: Collect tax to receive coin, trading can exchange resources, defense is reinforcing citadel, migration is move the entire main citadel to other place and choose regional capital to start again. Controlling internal affair is the root of living and working in peace and contentment.
❖ Manoeuvre: Discuss with marshals of Three Kingdoms, train your own army and receive many resources.
❖ Ranking: Compete to be on top rank of strength and show it to everyone.

Success or failure, fame, friendship, enemy, guild, courtiers, epic conflict, dynasty, legend, conquest, summoners, arena… life and death are begun from real time strategy mobile game Reign of Warlords – War of legendary heroes in Three Kingdoms’ history.

Connect with Reign of Warlords RTS:
➢ Homepage: www.row.sg
➢ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RowSEA/


Info APK Reign Of Warlords - RTS

  • sea.reignofwarlords
  • 1.1.5140
  • Android 2.2 atau versi di atasnya
  • Strategy
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